Energy Efficiency in Ontario

Using energy wisely offers tremendous benefits for individuals, businesses and the power system as a whole. The efforts made through the participation in energy-efficiency programs helps reduce the need for new investments in power plants and transmission lines.

As a result of the collective efforts of Ontario businesses and residents, electricity use has declined over the last 10 years. Due in part to the province’s extensive efforts that encourage people to use energy more efficiently. By participating in Save on Energy and other energy-efficiency programs, Ontarians have contributed to 15.4 terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy savings since 2006 – equivalent to powering 1.7 million homes for one year. 

And there is still much that can be done to tap into the opportunities created by energy efficiency and build on the progress made so far.

The IESO works with its partners to invest in energy efficiency, as it is the most cost-effective resource to help meet the province’s energy needs. It does this through a combination of incentive programs, such as rebates on equipment upgrades and support for training and education initiatives. Energy efficiency also delivers many other benefits that improve the competitiveness of our businesses and communities.

Ontario Energy Actual Grid Demand 2005-2017

The benefits of energy efficiency reach beyond cost savings. For businesses, improved energy management practices not only result in reduced costs, but they can also improve productivity, workplace safety and sales. Homeowners can also make their homes more comfortable and bright while they reduce energy use, thanks to energy-efficient technologies such as LED bulbs and smart thermostats.  

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