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Learn about the IESO, Ontario's power system, how the electricity market works and what consumers can do to use electricity more efficiently.

IESO System Operators

About the IESO

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) works at the heart of Ontario’s electricity system, ensuring that electricity is available where and where it is needed. Here’s how the IESO manages the electricity grid.

Two transmission line towers and a blue sky.

Ontario’s Electricity Grid

Ontario’s demand for electricity varies throughout the day, requiring different forms of supply to perform different roles to meet reliability. Learn how Ontario’s electricity system works.

Solar panels in a field

The Evolving Grid

New technologies are transforming the way we produce and use electricity. The IESO is at the forefront of this change, driving and guiding the electricity sector’s evolution. See how Ontario’s power system is transforming.

A woman controlling a thermostat in her home.

Electricity Pricing Explained

Ontario’s electricity markets drive competition and affordability. Learn more about what influences electricity pricing in Ontario.

Somebody's hand and a keyboard in front of a computer screen

Electricity Facts and Tools

Ontario’s electricity system has many moving parts, all working together to ensure electricity supply remains reliable, affordable and sustainable. Here are some quick facts, videos and online tools to help boost your energy IQ.