2017 Indigenous Community Energy Symposium

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Post-Event Report

Indigenous communities are critical partners in Ontario’s energy sector and bring unique perspectives, knowledge and leadership to energy projects and energy planning. The Ministry of Energy and the IESO hosted a two-day conference in late 2017 that brought together Ontario First Nation communities, First Nation youth representatives, industry stakeholders and leading community energy experts, to facilitate discussions, share learnings, build collaboration and promote community energy planning across the province.

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Continuing the Discussion

The broader role of regional and community involvement in energy planning also includes discussions on conservation opportunities and funding programs for First Nations and Métis, including the Indigenous Community Energy Plan (ICEP) Program.

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Indigenous Symposium

2017 Symposium Program and Presentations

Women, Community, Energy

  • Tabatha Bull, IESO First Nation and Métis Relations
  • Cara Sanders, Curve Lake First Nation

What is Community Energy Resilience?

  • AJ Esquega, Gull Bay First Nation

Finding the 'Community' in Community Energy Planning

  • Michael Jacobs, Curve Lake First Nation

Organizational Welcome

  • Michael Lyle, IESO Vice President

Keynote Presentation

  • Chris Henderson, Lumos Energy Advisors and IESO Board Member

Energy Planning Implementation: Innovations in Energy Planning

  • Ed Gilbert, Walpole First Nation
  • Paul Norris, Ontario Waterpower Association

Closing Plenary - Community Energy Success

  • Craig Nootchtai, Louis Noah and Gail Lawlor, Conservation on the Coast

Graphic Recordings

Tiaré Jung of Drawing Change was contracted to create graphic recordings of some of the key sessions at the Symposium. In real time, she created compelling illustrations that reflect the ideas and opinions she heard expressed by attendees, speakers and Elders. These visuals were immensely popular as they captured complex discussions in an engaging, accessible, memorable way.