Regulatory Reliability Oversight

In Ontario, the IESO is responsible for complying with, overseeing and enforcing mandatory reliability requirements for planning and operating the integrated bulk electric system. The requirements are established by several recognized authorities:

  • Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) regulates the importing of electricity and the construction and operation of international and designated inter-provincial electricity lines. The IESO holds two permits with the NEB:

The Reliability Standards Framework outlines the mandatory and enforceable reliability standards used to ensure the integrity of the interconnected North American bulk electric system.

The IESO’s Reliability Compliance Program is used to monitor, assess and enforce compliance with NERC and NPCC standards and criteria in Ontario. It also provides for emergency preparedness and power restoration activities for Ontario's integrated grid.

The IESO's Market Assessment and Compliance Division (MACD) monitors the operation of Ontario's electricity market and promotes compliance with the Ontario market rules and North American reliability standards. It operates as a distinct entity in that it has the authority to subject the IESO to compliance measures.