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Ontario Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation

February 13, 2017

Dear Mr. Campbell:

The Ministry of Energy is pleased to be working with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to support the creation and development of the proposed "Ontario Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation" (OCCSDC). The IESO will have an important role to play in ensuring that this new entity builds on the success of the province's existing suite of conservation and energy efficiency programs. Toward this end, I am writing to ask your assistance in supporting establishment of the new entity.

Since 2005, the IESO has developed considerable expertise and resources in the design and delivery of conservation and energy efficiency programs. The government sees an opportunity to leverage and enhance existing program resources, where appropriate. I understand that preliminary discussions are underway between the Ministry of Energy, MOECC, IESO and other stakeholders on the proposed role for existing program delivery agents, such as the IESO, and how these delivery agents can provide online and other customer services. I support further discussions to determine how the IESO can support implementation and early adoption of the OCCSDC's services, and request that the IESO work with my ministry and MOECC to determine what mechanisms might be necessary in order for the I ESQ to provide its services to OCCSDC.

Furthermore, I request the IESO maintain a detailed accounting of costs related to the implementation of the OCCSDC including, but not limited to, technical service costs as well as staff resourcing costs. The IESO may wish to consult with Infrastructure Ontario to understand how it bills for services provided to ministries. I expect that all costs incurred by the IESO related to the implementation of the OCCSDC would be recovered from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Account, not from electricity ratepayers. 

I commend the IESO for its leadership in conservation, and appreciate your continued support to help Ontario homes and businesses make low-carbon energy choices.