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The IESO President and CEO and Leadership Team are responsible for implementing the strategic direction and initiatives for the organization in keeping with its statutory objectives. They also provide advice and recommendations to the IESO Board of Directors.

Peter McMullen

Peter McMulen

Peter McMullen was born in Sudbury and has lived there for most of his life. He has received his C.P.A. in Ontario and Illinois and is a member of the Ontario Bar.

Mr. McMullen has held positions at the colleges of Laurentian University, as well as owned and operated a number of small businesses in retail, technology and engineering. As a member of the Greater Sudbury Utilities Board of Directors, he was the District Director for the Northeastern District on the Electricity Distributors Association and MEARIE boards. He was elected and served as a member of Municipal Council for the Municipality of Killarney, Ontario.

Mr. McMullen currently operates a combined accounting and legal practice in Sudbury.

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