IESO COVID-19 Vaccine Policy for Visitors

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the IESO has remained committed to following all public health guidelines to keep our communities, employees and their families safe. To ensure their safety, all visitors and contractors must be fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus in order to enter IESO facilities.

Visitors must complete an on-site health screening assessment and provide proof of vaccination to enter an IESO workplace. When arriving at reception, visitors will need to fill out the IESO’s health screening assessment for visitors (if they have not done so already) and provide proof of vaccination – a valid vaccination certificate and a piece of identification with their name and birthdate – to the IESO sponsor they are visiting.

Contractors, whether independent or employed by outside firms, who have been engaged to provide services to the IESO must also be fully vaccinated and will be required to provide proof of vaccination to the manager in charge. Contractors will be required to provide this proof on a one-time basis but will be required to complete the daily on-site health screening assessment.

Contractors and visitors who fail to comply with this policy will not be permitted to enter and/or perform work or services in IESO workplaces.  Contractors may be subject to further action, which may include, termination of contract.

In the case of an emergency, exceptions may be made for first responders or specialist contractors.