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Market Rules & Manuals Library

The Market Rules & Manuals Library contains the documents needed to interact in Ontario's electricity marketplace.

The Market Rules, which are approved by the IESO Board of Directors, govern the IESO-controlled grid and IESO-administered markets.

Market manuals and procedures, approved by IESO management, provide more detailed descriptions of the requirements for various activities specified in the Market Rules, and include the forms and agreements required by market participants.

The current set of market documents known as Baseline 51.1, was updated and published on June 5, 2024.

IMPORTANT: Capacity Auction Rules Library - Capacity Auction Participants, including Demand Response Auction Participants, must consult the Point-in-time Rules applicable to the Capacity Auction or Demand Response Auction in which they participated, by date, for purposes related to their participation or to the satisfaction of program specific obligations. The Point-in-time Rules may differ in material respects from the current set of market documents posted below. 

See Capacity Auction Rules Library for applicable Point-in-time Rules for Capacity Auction Participants.

UPDATE – In order to comply the requirements outlined in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), revised versions of the Market Rules and Market Manuals have been published in an accessible format. Please note that any documents updated for AODA requirements do not have content changes. The AODA baseline plans are available in the Document Library. 

IMPORTANT: The forms available on this website are locked, fillable Word or Excel forms and not all of the content may be captured by a screen-reading device. If you require additional assistance to complete and submit a form, please contact Customer Relations at

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