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Sector Evolution

As Ontario’s electricity system evolves, the opportunities for Distributed Energy Resources to contribute to system reliability grows. On June 22, the IESO will host a virtual ‘Summit-Lite’ event to kickoff the June Stakeholder Engagement Meetings (June 22-24). The format for this year has changed to adapt to current realities, offering an experience that allows for greater participation. Energy thought leaders from across the sector will share their perspectives on topics ranging from the advancement of distributed energy resource markets in Ontario and globally, as well as the ongoing role of innovation in providing solutions to system needs.



Agenda Item

9:00 am

Session Kickoff 

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9:15 am 

Keynote Speaker

Randolph Brazier from the UK’s Energy Networks Association will deliver keynote remarks about the progress that has been made in integrating DERs into the UK’s electricity grid and the growing role of DERs in meeting system needs.

Randolph Brazier, Director of Innovation & Electricity Systems, Energy Networks Association (UK)

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Resources from presentation:

What are flexibility services? Be more beaver - from Energy Networks Association

Smarter Networks Portal

Creating Tomorrow’s Networks – Open Networks

10:00 am

Panel Discussion - DERs: How they will shape Ontario’s future

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11:00 am


11:15 am

OEB and IESO Collaboration on Innovation -  Introducing new opportunities to collaborate on DER integration in Ontario

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11:30 am

A Spotlight on Innovation

A conversation between Shivam Saxena, President of Hero Energy and Engineering and Pat Lo, Senior Manager of Partnerships, Innovation, Research, and Development to learn about Hero Engineering’s partnership with Sky Clean Energy and their Optimal Vehicle to Grid Charging System Considering Solar, Storage, and User Privacy project funded through the Grid Innovation Fund.

Recorded Presentation

Hero Energy and Engineering’s Vehicle to Grid Survey

12:15 pm

Closing Remarks