Market Participant Readiness

Market Renewal Program Market Participant Readiness Plan

This document outlines the key approach and timelines for Market Participant Readiness activities, and forms the foundation of the specific tactical planning that is being created to support market participants through the Market Renewal transition.

Market Participant Orientation

This overview is intended to assist IESO Market Participants in preparing for the launch of the renewed market when IESO’s Market Renewal Program (MRP) goes live in May 2025. It provides an overview of how the market is changing, how that may impact your organization, what you may need to do to prepare, and provides links to resources to assist you with these preparations. IESO will update this document from time to time, as new materials become available. 

Timeline of Market Participant Readiness Activities

This chart shows the timing for delivery of key Market Renewal Program (MRP) documents that will help participants identify the impact of changes on their systems and processes, as well as anticipated timing for key readiness activities.

Market Renewal milestones

Market Participant Readiness Checklist

The IESO has created a readiness checklist, to assist Market Participants in understanding the scope and timing of what they will need to do, what they will be trained on, and the actions they will need to take in order to be prepared for Market Renewal go-live. This checklist is a customizable to-do list, focused on common preparation tasks relevant to each organization, based on its participation type(s). It will help your teams to scope out the what, when, and who in your organization will need to be involved in this change journey. Each Market Participant’s journey is unique, and your organization may also need to identify and/or complete additional activities to prepare your own unique systems and business processes for MRP, beyond those listed here. Designate an MRP Contact Person from your staff, to be responsible for updating your organization’s progress on this Checklist, and for ensuring your teams are completing all necessary Readiness tasks on schedule.


The Market Renewal Program is bringing necessary and fundamental changes to the electricity market in Ontario. These changes will bring greater financial and operational certainty to participants, provide benefits to Ontario ratepayers, and build the foundation of Ontario’s electricity market to prepare for continued change in the sector. MRP builds from the existing electricity market that has been meeting Ontario’s reliability needs cost-effectively for the past two decades, by improving efficiency, removing out-of-market programs and levelling the playing field to bring greater competition between resources.

As the IESO continues to work closely with stakeholders to answer questions, and finalize the Market Rules and Market Manuals that will govern the future market, it is time to begin to scope the changes that are coming for market participants.

The links below are the ‘Day-In-The-Life’ documents for each of the 13 participant types. Participants who have more than one role in the Market will want to review the documents specific to each one of those roles.

Work on a full suite of training plans and materials is underway and the IESO will share more information when available.

This Day-In-The-Life summary begins to solidify how participants can embrace and prepare for Market Renewal, so that all participant readiness activities can be completed prior to in-service and the sector can move confidently into the advent of the renewed market.