Resource Adequacy Engagement

The IESO remains committed to using competitive ways to acquire capacity and meet Ontario’s needs, but recognizes that there may be additional tools needed to achieve resource adequacy.


The IESO will engage with stakeholders in a discussion around what tools the IESO needs to achieve resource adequacy, to complement capacity auctions. The IESO wants to work with stakeholders to determine the risks, challenges, opportunities and solutions to meet Ontario’s long-term adequacy needs in a competitive and transparent way. The following objectives are intended to be met as part of this engagement:

  • To engage stakeholders in a robust and open discussion on risks and opportunities in participating in the Ontario electricity market
  • To understand concerns, and discuss recommendations, from participants on how to best allocate risk in Ontario’s markets
  • To develop the suite of tools to meet Ontario’s long-term adequacy needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible


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January 27, 2020

Meeting is being postponed


November 27, 2019

Introduction to resource adequacy engagement