Energy Detailed Design Engagement

The Energy work stream of the Market Renewal Program (MRP) will improve the way electricity is priced and scheduled in order to meet Ontario’s energy needs reliably, transparently and efficiently.

Since posting the final high-level design documents for the Energy work stream in August 2019, the IESO has shifted its focus both internally and with its active stakeholder community on developing the specific changes and details required to implement these initiatives in the IESO-Administered Market.

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Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Completed energy stream high-level design engagements
Single Schedule Market
Day-Ahead Market
Enhanced Real-Time Unit Commitment

Schedule of Activities

Activities Expected Actions 

January 2020


Engagement Meeting (full day)

  • Pseudo Units


November 25, 2019

Engagement Meeting (full day)


November 15, 2019


Engagement Meeting (half day)


November 14, 2019


Engagement Meeting (full day)


November 1, 2019


Engagement Meeting (full day)


September 27, 2019


Meeting Summary

Engagement Meeting (Market Power Mitigation - Conduct & Impact Thresholds and Reference Levels)


September 13, 2019 


Email to stakeholders on detailed design engagement


August 22, 2019

Engagement Plan posted