Data Strategy Advisory Council

The Data Strategy Advisory Council is a committee of representatives within Ontario’s electricity sector and other sectors as applicable, appointed by the IESO, to provide input in the review and development of products and processes for the implementation of third party access to the data with the province’s Meter Data Management/Repository (MDM/R).

The Advisory Council will help to guide the continued development and design work of the various elements within the Third Party Access Implementation Plan.

Questions regarding the Data Strategy Advisory Council or its membership can be directed to

Terms of Reference (Draft for Review and Comment)

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Foundation Project Final Report

OEB Order EB-2015-0297

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Application for SME Licence Renewal (Sep 30, 2016) – See Page 8 re Proposed Third Party Access Implementation Plan

Schedule of Activities



June 15, 2017

First Meeting of Advisory Council

May/June 2017

IESO to Announce Advisory Council Membership

May 19, 2017

Deadline for:

  • Call for Nominations
  • Comments on draft Terms of Reference

April 20, 2017

Call for Nomination for Membership