FIT 5 Documents and Resources

Application Summary and Price Schedule

During the FIT 5 application period (November 7 to November 25, 2016), the IESO received 1,127 applications, which represent a total of 397 megawatts (MW).

FIT 5 Application Summary

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The Price Schedule sets out the prices developers will be paid for the renewable energy produced by their FIT Program projects.

FIT Price Schedule (effective June 21, 2016)

FIT Price Schedule (effective January 1, 2017)


Defined Terms for the Current Application Period
Defined Term Value for FIT 5
Application Start Date
November 7, 2016 at 11:00:00 a.m. Eastern Prevailing Time
Application End Date
November 25, 2016 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Prevailing Time
Procurement Target
150 MW
Municipal and Public Sector Entity CCSA
33.333 MW
Community CCSA
33.333 MW
Indigenous CCSA1
33.333 MW
      ●  First Nation CCSA
22.222 MW
      ●  Métis CCSA
11.111 MW
Unconstructed Farm Building cap    5 MW
Application withdrawal deadline March 3, 2017 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Prevailing Time
Rules, Standard Definitions and Contract
FIT 5.0.1 Rules
(September 21, 2016)
FIT 5.0.1 Rules (September 21, 2016)
Blackline to FIT 5.0 Rules (August 26, 2016)
FIT Contract Version 5.0.2
July 14, 2017
FIT Contract Version 5.0.2 comparison to FIT Contract Version 5.0
July 14, 2017
FIT Contract Version 5.0

FIT Contract Version 5.0 comparison to Draft FIT Contract Version 5.0
Standard Definitions
FIT Standard Definitions Version 5.0.1 (September 21, 2016)

FIT Standard Definitions Version 5.0.1
comparison to FIT Standard Definitions Version 5.0
(August 26, 2016)
The FIT Rules and Standard Definitions were revised to incorporate a small number of administrative refinements. See a summary of the changes.
Prescribed Forms
Applicable to all Projects
Access Rights Declaration Applicant Legal Name and Entity Confirmation
Application Withdrawal  
Prescribed Forms Applicable to Non-Rooftop Solar Projects
Zoning Certificate for Non-Rooftop Solar Project Land Evaluation Study Peer Review Declaration for Non-Rooftop Solar Project
Visual Screening and Setback Acknowledgement Land Use Restriction Exemption Resolution  (pdf)  (word)
Prescribed Forms Applicable to Rooftop Solar Projects
Engineering Confirmation for Rooftop Solar Project
Prescribed Forms Applicable to the Rooftop Solar Projects on Unconstructed Buildings
Engineer/Architect Confirmation for Rooftop Solar Project on an Unconstructed Building Confirmation of Permission to Construct for Rooftop Solar on an Unconstructed Building
Prescribed Forms Applicable to Waterpower Projects
Waterpower Declaration  
Prescribed Forms Applicable to Participation Projects
Municipal or Public Sector Entity Participation Project Declaration Indigenous Participation Project Declaration
Community Participation Project Declaration Consent of Co-op Member
Applicant Declaration re: Co-op Members Property Owner Declaration for Community Participation Project
Prescribed Forms Applicable to Claiming Priority Points
Municipal Council Support Resolution  (pdf)   (word)
Municipal Council Blanket Support Resolution   (pdf)  (word)
Municipal Council Resolution Confirmation Indigenous Support Resolution (First Nation Community)  (pdf)  (word)
Indigenous Support Resolution (Métis Community) (pdf)  (word) Aboriginal Support Resolution Confirmation
Connection Availability Resources
Instructions and Guidance Documents
Registration Instructions - provides step-by-step instructions on how to register to participate in the FIT Program, log in to the My FIT home page and use all the tools and features on the website effectively.
FIT 5 Application Instructions - provides the information to complete and submit an application electronically and provide the required hard copy supporting material.
Guidance Documents and FAQs
FIT Application Form, Version 5 (mock up)
Community Participation Projects
Future Contract Related Products Residential Land Use Eligibility
Visual Screening Requirements for Non-Rooftop Solar Facilities
Guidance on CLI Mapping for Non-Rooftop Solar Projects
FAQs Document - answers to some commonly asked questions.