Funding Programs

The funding programs of the IESO promote broad participation in Ontario’s energy sector by supporting community energy planning and renewable energy project development, as well as the building of energy knowledge and awareness, and skills related to energy projects.

Energy Partnerships Program

The Energy Partnerships Program (EPP) provides funding for the preparation and development of renewable energy and priority transmission projects.

It includes three streams:

The Partnership Stream — supports the assessment and development of partnerships, for projects such as new priority transmission lines.

The Project Development Stream — supports soft costs, such as obtaining regulatory approvals.

Transmission lines near Slate Falls First Nation

Remote Project Development Sub-stream — specifically for the four remote First Nation communities where transmission connection is currently identified as uneconomic, this stream supports the development of solutions to reduce reliance on diesel use.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Find more on the EPP page.

Aboriginal Community Energy Plan Program

The Aboriginal Community Energy Plan (ACEP) Program supports the development of comprehensive, long-term plans for improving a community's energy efficiency, reducing its electricity consumption and considering its opportunities for renewable energy solutions.

To date, almost 90 First Nation communities have accessed funding through the ACEP to develop energy plans.

Indigenous communities are eligible for up to $90,000 to create a new community energy plan, or up to $25,000 to update an existing plan. Remote communities are eligible for an additional $5,000.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and evaluated at set dates throughout the year.

Find more on the ACEP page.

Education and Capacity Building Program

The Education and Capacity Building (ECB) Program funds projects that help build the understanding and skills needed for managing and generating energy. This includes activities such as awareness campaigns, material and course development, and education workshops.

The Devi Mandir solar rooftop installation in Pickering from ECB 1

These projects help equip communities and organizations with knowledge and training, creating opportunities for them to participate in Ontario's energy sector, and have helped support a variety of energy-awareness initiatives across Ontario.

Find more on the ECB program page.