Process, Documents and Resources

What's the Process?

Step 1: The proposal Create your proposal. The Program Rules and guidelines for creating a new CEP or updating an existing one will help you understand what you need to do, and we're here to support you if you have questions.
Step 2: Submit Make sure all the required materials are submitted together in one package, including the Proponent Information document and the Proposal Template. Samples are available in Program Resources and Documents below.
Step 3: Initial Review Within 15 business days of receiving the proposal, we will check to see if the form and supporting documents are all complete, and that the proposal meets all the eligibility requirements.
 Step 4: Time stamp   After a proposal passes the initial review, we'll tell you it has been accepted and that it has been given a Validated Time Stamp. The proposal will then go to the evaluation step.
 Step 5: Evaluation   All proposals with a Validated Time Stamp are evaluated by a review committee. The full requirements for acceptance can be found in the Program Rules.
 Step 6: Award   If the evaluation is successful and the proposal is accepted, you will be notified and offered a Funding Agreement with the IESO (see a sample Funding Agreement).

The ACEP team is here to help you at any point along the way. If you have questions, contact us with the information at the bottom of the page.

Program Documents and Resources

A Proposal to the Aboriginal Community Energy Plan (ACEP) Program must be completed with all mandatory requirements submitted in one package. Please read the Rules and Program Guidelines carefully before applying.

Program templates have been designed to help you complete each mandatory section and can be included as part of the proposal package.

Program Documents

Program Rules
Program Guidelines - Develop a new plan
Program Guidelines - Update an existing plan Summary of Changes from Rules v 3.0 to v 4.0

Proposal Templates

Proponent Information Template* Mandatory Form for all Proposals Complete Proposal Template (Excel)

Sample templates 

Proponent Information Sample Work Plan / Budget Sample   
Project Team Sample Competitive Procurement Sample

Funding agreement templates *for successful proponents

ACEP 4.0 Funding Agreement Sample  Check-in Report Template
Interim Deliverable Report Template Request for Payment Template
ACEP Expense Tracking Sheet (Excel)  

Be sure to open all PDFs in Adobe. If using a Mac, avoid opening PDFs in Preview, as it can corrupt the files and result in information being lost.

Contact ACEP

Indigenous communities needing more information or interested in making a submission should email or call 416-969-6317.