Public Information Sessions

To complement its stakeholdering efforts, the IESO regularly holds public information sessions on various aspects of the system and market.

Expanding Participation in Operating Reserve

The IESO would like to invite all interested stakeholders to register for the upcoming Expanding Participation in Operating Reserve (OR) webinar scheduled for November 10.

As announced during the October 3rd public information session, Introduction of Operating Reserve Initiatives below, the IESO is interested in a dialogue with stakeholders to review the current OR requirements and registration criteria for providing reserve to the Ontario energy market as well as having a broader discussion with prospective new entrants to the OR market in the future potentially. 

Please note that the presentation initially noted the webinar would be on November 8 but has been confirmed for the afternoon of Friday, November 10 from 1:30-3:30 pm. For questions or to register email


IESO Settlement System Replacement Project

The IESO is embarking on a multi-year project that with direct stakeholder input and involvement will upgrade the IESO Settlement System.  To prepare stakeholders for the work, the IESO held a series of webinars with groups of market participants to discuss the details of the project.  The Settlement System Replacement Project is currently in a visioning phase which will lead to a formal IESO engagement open to all interested stakeholders in mid-2018.  To ensure that stakeholder feedback is included in the entire process, from visioning to implementation of a new system, feedback is being encouraged by October 31 (extended from October 27) and will continue to be requested throughout the engagement process.

If you are interested in providing feedback on this initiative, please direct it to the IESO at

To help inform your feedback by providing background on the initiative, please find below a copy of the presentation used during the Settlement System Replacement Project webinars which also include questions that are intended to inform your feedback.


Market Operations Fall 2017 Awareness Session

Registration is now open for the IESO Market Operations Fall 2017 Awareness session on November 14. This is the seventh operations awareness session in a series intended to increase transparency of IESO market operations. The session will focus on innovation in the marketplace.

This meeting will be of particular interest to people that manage, plan and operate facilities in the electricity system; however, participation is open to all interested.


The session will be held at the Admiral Inn & Suites Mississauga. To register send an email to


Agenda | Presentation

Control Action Operating Reserve (CAOR) Phase I

The CAOR Phase I is one stream of the Expanding OR Initiatives project that was outlined during the October 3 public webinar.  As a reminder, or for those who were not able to attend the October 3 webinar, please review the presentation and specifically slides 2 for the overall process and slide 4 for details on the CAOR Phase I work.

There are streams developed for the various areas of enhancements that will be discussed with stakeholders; the October 13 webinar will focus on the CAOR Phase I only. The objective of CAOR Phase I will be to review the reallocation of CAOR offer quantities to better represent the capabilities of the two control actions in the 10 and 30 minute OR markets respectively.

If you are interested in participating in this webinar, please register with to receive the webinar details.



Introduction of Operating Reserve Initiatives

The IESO is initiating a series of public information sessions pertaining to the Operating Reserve (OR) market with some streams possibly leading to formal IESO Engagements in the future. The OR streams that are being introduced during this October 3 webinar are as follows:

  1. Enabling System Flexibility (Webinar: October 29 – already an existing Engagement within Market Renewal)
  2. Control Action Operating Reserve, Phase I (Webinar: October 13)
  3. Introduction to Expanding Participation in OR (Webinar: November 10)
  4. CAOR, Phase II (Date in 2018, TBD)

The objective of these various initiatives is to review the expanding participation in OR to additional resource types as well as exploring changes to the Control Action Operating Reserve (CAOR) mechanism. 

The launch of these OR initiatives will begin with a public information webinar on Tuesday, October 3 from 10:00-11:00 am that will review the proposed timeline and content of the various phases. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to learn more by registering at


CROW Enhancements to the Outage Management System Webcast - August 24, 2017

The CROW Enhancements to the Outage Management System are scheduled to go-live the week of September 11.

In preparation, the IESO is offering a one hour training webinar on Thursday, August 24 at 1:00 pm.  This would be of interest to market participants required to report outages in the tool. 

Presentation - Recorded Presentation

Market Information System Refresh

The engine behind Ontario's electricity market is scheduled to be refreshed with a new IT solution. The Market Information System contains the tools and processes that optimize the dispatch of Ontario's electricity system. The IESO hosted an information webinar on October 6, 2015 to discuss the project objectives, scope and timeline and potential opportunities to test the new solution. Implementation is currently scheduled for December 2017.

Communication: Get ready to test the new Dispatch Advisory Reports – Testing period scheduled for November 13 to 24, 2017

Communication: MIS Refresh Project Update - August 24, 2017

Presentation: MIS Refresh Project | Meeting Minutes - October 6, 2015

Communication: MIS Refresh - Request for Feedback – October 8, 2015

Stakeholder Feedback:  Ontario Power Generation, TransCanada Energy Ltd.

IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback


Solar Eclipse Information Webinar – August 3, 2017

A solar eclipse is forecasted to pass over parts of the continental U.S. and Canada on August 21, 2017.  Although Ontario will only see a partial eclipse, IESO’s Operations group is planning for any potential impacts this may have on the electricity grid. All interested stakeholders are invited to participate in an information webinar on August 3 at 1:00 pm to learn how the IESO will forecast the conditions and plan for the potential actions that may be required by the IESO to maintain reliability.

This meeting will be of particular interest to people that manage, plan and operate facilities in the electricity system; however, participation is open to all interested parties.

Email to register for the Solar Eclipse Information Webinar on August 3 at 1:00 pm.


Seasonal Readiness Program Webinar - June 6, 2017

The IESO may exercise the Seasonal Readiness Program in preparation for peak demand seasons or as deemed necessary for reliability. The IESO is looking to expand the program starting in September 2017 to further ensure unit readiness during all periods of the year. A public information session will be held by webinar on June 6, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to detail the changes. Market participants and their agents of larger, dispatchable, non-quick start generators are encouraged to attend this webinar by emailing

More information on the Seasonal Readiness Program is available in section 7.3 of Market Manual 7.1.

Regulation Services Overview Webinar - April 25, 2017

The IESO will present an overview on regulation services by webinar on April 25, 2017 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The webinar is intended to provide interested market participants and sector stakeholders with background information on how providers of regulation services interact with the IESO market.

Regulation services act to match the total system generation to total system load and help correct variations in power system frequency. The IESO is planning to expand its capability to schedule regulation by increasing the amount of regulation usually scheduled from 2017-2019. More information is available on the Ancillary Services Market webpage.

Recorded Presentation - Presentation Slide Deck

Market Operations Spring 2017 Awareness Session - May 3, 2017

Registration is now open for the IESO Market Operations Spring 2017 Awareness session on May 3, 2017. This is the sixth operations awareness session in a series intended to increase transparency of IESO market operations. The session will focus on the development of the Operating Plan.

This meeting will be of particular interest to people that manage, plan and operate facilities in the electricity system; however, participation is open to all interested.

The session will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Mississauga/Oakville. Registration will be limited. To register send an email to .  

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Interchange Enhancements

A number of public meetings were held regarding proposed changes aimed at improving the efficiency of the interchange scheduling process. See Interchange Enhancements for posted materials and upcoming meetings.

Market Renewal Education Workshops

The IESO is hosting five education workshops to help stakeholders, market participants and the broader sector better understand the design elements of the market renewal project.

The half-day workshops are intended to be informative and educational on how market design components work with a focus on how they are used in other jurisdictions. The content is targeted to build capacity in these areas. They are also intended to be interactive with opportunities for questions and discussion. The first workshop provides a general overview, and the subsequent four will provide more detail and context into the elements.

The workshop schedule is:

Market Design Overview, January 25, 2017, 9am-12pm - Recorded Presentation
Single Schedule, February 8, 2017, 9am-12pm - Recorded Presentation 
Capacity Market, February 15, 2017, 9am-12pm - Recorded Presentation 
Day-Ahead Market, February 22, 2017, 9am-12pm - Recorded Presentation
Real-Time Unit Commitment, February 22, 2017, 1pm-4pm - Recorded Presentation

To register for one or all of these workshops, please register at

Enhanced Outage Management System – March 22, 2017

The IESO will be holding a webinar on Wednesday, March 22 at 10:00 a.m. to provide information on planned enhancements to the Outage Management System to address feedback from market participants. This session is scheduled for two hours. To receive your webinar invitation, please register at:


Grid-LDC Interoperability Framework Webinar– November 25, 2016

The IESO is hosting an information webinar on Friday, November 25 at 1:00 pm to discuss the development of a grid-LDC interoperability framework. The objective of the framework will be to identify opportunities to enhance the reliability and efficiency of Ontario’s electricity grid through the coordination of IESO and LDC-controlled resources. It is anticipated that operations representatives of LDCs will have the greatest interest in this webinar; however, all interested parties are welcome to participate. To register, email

Through a Grid-LDC Coordination partnership with PowerStream, the IESO has identified existing real-time IESO market and system information that may be useful to LDCs in managing their day-to-day operations as well as a number of short and long-term collaboration opportunities for the IESO and LDC’s. The IESO will present these early learnings during the webinar and provide an opportunity for input on the draft framework including identifying any barriers or other opportunities that might not have been contemplated thus far.

Presentation | Draft Grid-LDC Interoperability Framework | Feedback and IESO Response | Grid-LDC Interoperability Update

Proposed changes to Peak Demand Hours and the Adequacy Report Webinar – November 25, 2016

The IESO is planning to make changes to Peak Demand Hours and the Adequacy Report. All interested stakeholders are invited to a webinar on November 25 from 10am-12pm. 

The IESO is proposing to determine which hours to use a peak demand forecast in the pre-dispatch scheduling timeframe on a dynamic basis. This would be reflected in the Adequacy Report. New information regarding IESO’s regulation requirement, and wind and solar forecast publishing logic to be added in the Adequacy Report will also be presented.

If interested in participating in the webinar, please register with IESO Engagement to receive the webinar details. Stakeholders will have an opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification and provide comments on the material.

Presentation | Bruce Power Feedback and IESO Response | Sygration Feedback and IESO Response | Ontario Power Generation Feedback and IESO Response | Updates: Peak Demand Hours and Adequacy Report | Adequacy Report - Clarification of Peak Demand Hours

Spring 2016 Market Operations Awareness Session – May 5, 2016

The IESO held its fifth Market Operations Spring Awareness session on May 5, 2016. The objective of the session was to increase transparency of IESO market operations, with a focus on the IESO's assessment of future system operability needs and review NERC's long-term reliability assessment. 

Agenda | Presentation

Proposed change to curtail wheel-through transactions as a control action Webinar – April 28, 2016

The IESO is proposing changes to Market Manual 7.2: Near-Term Assessments and Reports. The proposed change would add a new condition in section 1.3.4: IESO Control Actions (Nuclear Manoeuvres Forecasted or Occurring) to allow the IESO to curtail wheel-through transactions if a nuclear shutdown is scheduled in future hours concurrent with wheel-through transactions.

Curtailing wheel-through transactions to prevent a nuclear shutdown may be the appropriate market response during this circumstance given:

  • The IESO’s scheduling tool does not account for all of the implications of a nuclear shutdown for future hours – including the fact that a nuclear unit can take up to 72 hours to re-start after a shutdown; and
  • The fact that the next set of economic resources after the nuclear shutdown are likely to have limited flexibility to be dispatched in this timeframe.

The IESO hosted a stakeholder webinar on April 28 at 10:00 am to discuss the proposal in more detail, answer questions and outline next steps.

Presentation | IMDC - Curtailment of Wheel-Through Transactions to Prevent a Nuclear Shutdown: Update and Next Steps| Q&A Document|
May 20, 2016 Update - Wheel Through Curtailments as a Control Action | IESO Response to Feedback