Regional Planning Review Advisory Group

The Regional Planning Review Advisory Group will perform an advisory role to support and assist the IESO in the regional planning process review in 2018-19 as part of the LTEP Implementation Plan. The IESO will ask the group to carry out the following activities:

  • Advise on the key regional planning process elements of focus for enhancement (e.g., what has worked well? What are some potential areas for improvement?)
  • Advise on potential barriers to implementing non-wires solutions in regional planning
  • Advise on opportunities for potential coordination between bulk system planning, community energy planning, regional planning, and market renewal
  • Advise on the development of a coordinated, cost-effective, long-term approach to Replacing Transmission Assets at End of Life
  • Provide feedback and advice on engagement approaches and materials, where appropriate.

All comments, enquiries and requests for membership in this group can be directed to


Schedule of Activities



Expected Actions

Dec 2019

IESO to publish final report


Q2 2019

IESO to host public/community engagement sessions


Jan 2019

IESO to publish an interim report and seek feedback from RPRAG and broader public engagement


Q4 2018

IESO to host public/community engagement sessions


November 1, 2018

Advisory Group meeting


September 28, 2018

Stakeholder feedback on materials and issues discussed at the September 14th meeting


September 14, 2018


Advisory Group meeting


August 16, 2018

Regional Planning Process 101


July 2018

Confirm successful RPRAG members


June 27, 2018

Extended Deadline for Applications

Please email by Wednesday, June 27 at 5pm to apply

May 3, 2018

Communicate Call for Nominations for Regional Planning Review Advisory Group (RPRAG) members