2019 Conservation Achievable Potential Study

The IESO and the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) will be conducting an integrated electricity and natural gas conservation achievable potential study (APS) to be completed by June 2019. The main objective of the APS is to identify and quantify energy savings (electricity and natural gas), GHG emission reductions and associated costs from demand side resources for the period from 2019-2038. Additional details on the APS including background, objectives, outputs and governance can be found in the Project Charter and Engagement Plan.

To support this project, an APS Advisory Group will be established to help develop the study. The terms of reference are intended to provide guidelines for the Advisory Group.

For any questions on the 2019 APS engagement, please contact engagement@ieso.ca.


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Partners on 2019 Achievable Potential Study.

Schedule of Activities



Expected Action

February 28, 2018

Finalize APS Advisory Group membership

IESO/OEB to post membership

February 21, 2018

Deadline to apply for membership on APS Advisory Group

Please email engagement@ieso.ca by 4pm Wednesday, February 21 to apply

February 8, 2018

Call for members: Achievable Potential Study Advisory Group

Interested persons are invited to email engagement@ieso.ca to apply for membership on the Advisory Group