GTA North

Regional electricity planning in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) North region is divided into the York and the GTA North Western sub-regions.


Map of GTA NorthAbout GTA North

A Working Group consisting of the local distribution companies in the region, the local transmitter (Hydro One) and the IESO use the regional planning process to identify and meet local electricity needs.

The local distribution companies providing service to customers in the area include:

Alectra Utilities

Hydro One Networks Inc.

Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution Ltd.
Toronto Hydro Electric System
Veridian Connections Inc.

About the GTA North Western sub-region

The GTA North Western sub-region consists of electricity infrastructure located in the western portion of the City of Vaughan. This infrastructure supplies customers in Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton and the City of Toronto.

Alectra Utilities, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Inc., and Hydro One Networks Inc. are the local distribution companies in this sub-region.

Regional planning in GTA North

York Region

The regional planning cycle is underway for York Region with an Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) anticipated to be posted in Q4 2019.

A Scoping Assessment Outcome Report and Terms of Reference for the GTA North (York Region) was finalized and posted in August 2018, following a two-week comment period.  

GTA North Western sub-region

Hydro One completed a Needs Screening for the GTA North Western sub-region in June 2016, available on the Hydro One website.

The needs of the GTA North Western sub-region were addressed as part of the planning process for the Northwest GTA, a sub-region of the GTA West Region. An IRRP for the Northwest GTA sub-region was released in April 2015. See the Northwest GTA page for more details.

The IESO and the Ministry of Transportation have announced a joint corridor identification study on a proposed land corridor in the Northwest Greater Toronto Area (NW GTA). The purpose of this study is to identify land to be protected for future multi-purpose linear infrastructure (such as transmission lines and transportation infrastructure) to ensure it can be accommodated if and when the need arises. The anticipated long-term need for new transmission in the NW GTA has been documented by the IESO through submission to official plans and the regional planning process, and has been highlighted in the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan. Although the area of study is primarily centred in the GTA West planning region, parts extend into GTA North. The study will be conducted in phases and is expected to be complete within nine to 12 months. For further information, please visit the website for the study at