How to Apply

The microFIT Program is no longer accepting new applications. Please see the notice posted December 1, 2017.

Am I Eligible?

Eligible participants

The Eligible Participant Schedule identifies which types of applicants are eligible to submit an application to the microFIT Program and the requirements for each type.

You must be an eligible participant to submit an application and be offered a microFIT Contract.

Individuals and farmers may only have one project and may not have multiple applications active at the same time, even if the projects or applications relate to separate properties. 

Eligible Participants must own the land where the project will be located, except for Eligible Participants from the following categories, who are able to lease the land on which their proposed microFIT project is to be located:

  • municipalities
  • universities, schools and colleges
  • hospitals and long-term care homes
  • social housing or affordable housing
  • Indigenous communities.

If the property on which your proposed microFIT project is to be located is owned or leased by more than one Eligible Participant, each Eligible Participant that holds title to the property or is a signatory on the lease for the property must be an applicant. For example, if the property is owned in the name of more than one Eligible Participant, all Eligible Participants must appear as applicants on the application.


Eligible projects

Your project must meet certain requirements to qualify for the microFIT Program. A microFIT project must:

  • be a renewable generating facility that uses solar photovoltaic (PV), wind, waterpower or bioenergy (biogas, biomass, landfill gas)
  • be 10 kW or less in size and located in Ontario
    • Note: 10 kW is the maximum nameplate capacity per renewable fuel that is permitted on any single property. However, where the renewable fuel is solar (PV) in a rooftop solar facility or solar (PV) in a non-rooftop solar facility, a maximum of one solar (PV) microFIT Project is permitted on any such single property
  • not be located on the same property that a FIT project using the same renewable fuel is or is proposed to be located
  • in the case of non-rooftop solar projects or wind projects that have a nameplate capacity of 3 kW or less, not be located on lands that are used for residential purposes or lands abutting lands that are used for residential purposes. On commercial or industrial land, the non-rooftop project may not be the main, primary or only purpose for which the property is used
  • have metering that is suitable for data collection and payment calculation. All microFIT projects require a separate meter to determine the amount of electricity produced by the project
  • not be an IESO-contracted facility that has reached commercial operation, or have been an IESO-contracted facility that has previously achieved commercial operation
  • be connected, directly or indirectly, to the IESO-controlled grid via a distribution system of a LDC.

See general project-related information on different fuel types.

The above list is intended to provide highlights of the rules and is not a complete list. Please ensure that you have carefully reviewed and understand the microFIT Rules and eligible participant schedule before submitting your application. See the related program documents.  

How to Register

You must first register online before you can create and submit an application.

Registration is a simple process:

  1. Fill out and submit the online form
  2. Review and agree to the microFIT Website Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”).
  3. Validate your email address using the instructions that will be sent to you by email after you accept the Terms of Use.

Once you have registered, a personalized page called “My microFIT Home Page” will be created for you. This page will only be accessible through the username and password you create at the time of registration, so you will need to retain and protect your username and password.

View the Registration instructions.

Create and submit an application

To create an application, you will need to log in to your "My microFIT Home Page" with the username and password you created when you registered. 

After you have submitted your application to the IESO, the status of your application will show as "Submitted" on your “My microFIT Home Page”.

The microFIT Program currently does not accept applications in hard copy form. You must apply using the online application form. You will also need to track messages from the IESO through this page.

As a reminder, if your application was submitted by a representative, the representative must provide login information and credentials for each listed applicant. Please contact your representative directly if you have not received the login information required to access your application.

View the supporting documents required to submit a microFIT Application.

View the Application instructions.

Completeness Review

The IESO will review your application to confirm that it is complete and that all required information has been provided. The IESO may ask for additional clarification and may verify information in the application with third parties.

  • If your application passes the completeness review, the IESO will confirm whether sufficient capacity remains within the Annual Procurement Target. If there is sufficient capacity, your application status will change from "Submitted" to "Pending LDC Offer to Connect".*
        *LDC refers to local distribution company.
  • If your application is incomplete or if you have not submitted all required information, your application will be terminated and your status will be changed to "Terminated". You may reapply at any time prior to December 31, 2017.

Before you submit:

  • Ensure that you are eligible to participate in the microFIT Program. View the Eligible Participant Schedule.
  • Ensure that you read and understand the microFIT Rules and Contract. It is solely an applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the both the applicant and project comply with the program rules and eligibility requirements. As some of the rules and eligibility requirements can be complicated, applicants are encouraged to consult legal counsel.
  • Retain and protect your user name, password, challenge question and answer for your registration profile for future reference (do not lose your user name and password, since they are required to access ALL future applications and communications from the IESO, and to manage potential contracts)
  • Gather all necessary supporting documentation before you submit your application. View a summary of the documents required for each eligible participant type
  • Check that all your information is accurate and current
  • Ensure that the site on which you are proposing to build your project is eligible to host a microFIT project
  • Ensure that you fully understand the program, the contract and your rights and responsibilities before entering into any arrangements with a third-party service provider in relation to a microFIT project.

Once you have submitted your application electronically to the IESO, you will be assigned your application reference number (e.g., FIT-M_______). Make sure you retain it for future reference, and regularly check your My microFIT Home Page for messages from the IESO. 

About your online application

Important items to remember about your microFIT application including:

  • each microFIT project will be assigned a unique reference number at the time the application is submitted
  • the reference number is used throughout the application process. Where a microFIT contract is executed, the reference number is used to identify the project for the term of the microFIT contract
  • unless otherwise permitted by the IESO, in its sole and absolute discretion, once an Application has been submitted it may not be supplemented, amended, corrected or modified in any respect other than to update contact information
  • applications are not transferable to a new applicant at any time
  • you will be required to provide your Property Identification Number (PIN) and to submit a copy of the Parcel Register to the IESO (see sections 4 and 6 of the microFIT application form). Applicants who own legal and beneficial title to the property where the microFIT project is proposed to be located are required to submit a Parcel Register with their application and need to ensure that the legal owner(s) listed on the Parcel Register correspond to the name of the applicant(s) on the application. For example, if the property is owned by more than one Eligible Participant, all such Eligible Participants must be named as applicants on the application.
    • a PIN is a unique number assigned to a parcel of land: no two properties will have the same PIN. Your PIN is listed on the Parcel Register. The Parcel Register is a record of your land, including ownership information
    • be sure to enter your PIN on your microFIT Application exactly as it appears on the Parcel Register. You can obtain a copy of your Parcel Register for a small fee from your nearest Land Registry Office in which your proposed microFIT project is to be located. There are 54 Land Registry Offices located in Ontario; you can visit the Service Ontario website to find a location nearest to your proposed microFIT project
  • by submitting an application, you, as the applicant, authorize the collection, use and disclosure of information (including personal information) to the IESO, LDC and the Ministry of Energy and certain other Ontario government ministries (as further described in section 6.2 of the microFIT Rules).