Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Stakeholder input is essential to the IESO’s decision-making process. Under the new framework, regular designated monthly engagement meeting dates will be scheduled in advance, on an annual basis. The meeting dates may span from one to three days, as required. This new engagement format allows stakeholders to more effectively plan their participation in IESO engagement activities.

Goals of the New Framework

The new engagement framework is aimed at enhancing the IESO’s engagement process by: 

  • Providing greater certainty on the timing of engagement meetings allowing for enhanced preparedness and participation from stakeholders
  • Supporting an understanding of linkages between initiatives
  • Addressing concerns about stakeholder fatigue with fewer overall engagement meetings
  • Supporting a foundation for more comprehensive and integrated updates for Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) and the IESO Board of Directors 

New Engagement Framework

The new framework is built upon a meeting schedule of monthly, or bi-monthly, designated engagement days. These engagement days will include advisory group meetings and more specific detailed engagements:

Advisory and Working Group Days – days will be dedicated at the beginning of the month for any advisory and working group meetings, such as meetings of the Demand Response Working Group (DRWG), Energy Storage Advisory Group (ESAG), and the Market Development Advisory Group (MDAG), etc.


Stakeholder Engagement Days – one-to-three days (as required) will be dedicated each month, or bimonthly, for meetings across all of the IESO’s engagements. Topics will be grouped together where possible to clarify linkages between initiatives and support information sharing.

Stakeholder Advisory Committee and Technical Panel meetings will continue on their current schedule for the remainder of 2020.

Upcoming Engagement Meetings

May 20 – 21, 2020

The first IESO engagements under the new framework will take place online from May 20 – 21, 2020. Multiple engagements will be discussed over the course of these meeting dates, grouping engagements by topic to maximize stakeholder participation and create linkages and information sharing across initiatives. Participants can participate in all discussions or elect to participate in only some. The meeting agenda is available on the Stakeholder Engagement webpage.

June 24 - 26, 2020