Non-Utility Generators

The Ministry of Energy issued a directive on November 23, 2010, to negotiate for new contracts with the owners or operators of the non-utility generators (NUGs) where these would have cost and reliability benefits to Ontario electricity consumers. A list of the eligible NUG facilities was included in Appendix A of the directive.

The IESO engaged with NUGs individually regarding this initiative. Details regarding NUG facilities that were re-contracted can be found in the NUG Framework Assessment report. 

Non-Utility Generators (NUG) Framework Assessment Report

In December 2014, the Minister of Energy issued a directive suspending any pending negotiations with NUGs and requesting an assessment of the framework for NUG contracting.

As a result, the IESO prepared the NUG Framework Assessment Report, which provides an assessment of the framework for NUG contracting and key recommendations on moving forward.

Read the NUG Framework Assessment.