Conservation First Implementation Committee

The Conservation First Implementation Committee (CFIC) supports the development of province-wide programs in order to meet the provincial conservation target.

Established by the IESO in collaboration with local distribution companies, Enbridge, Union Gas, the Ministry of Energy and the Electricity Distributors Association, (EDA) the committee will provide direction to Joint Program Operations Committee (JPOC) and associated task and standing committees that will design efficient, cost-effective and customer centric province-wide programs.

CFIC Charter –September 2018


Conservation First Implementation Committee Members

Tim Wilson

Synergy North (LDC Co-Chair)

Terry Young

IESO (CFIC Co-Chair)

Chris Barker

Customer First group of LDCs

Sue Forcier

 Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

Julie Lupinacci

Hydro Ottawa

 Nathalie Mclaughin

 Alectra Utilities

Gary Rains

London Hydro

Justin Rangooni

Electricity Distributors Association

Tom Semler

Hydro One

Sarah Van De Paelt


Mike Parkes

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (observer)

Usman Syed

Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines (observer)

Meetings and Materials


 Materials, Presentations, Submissions

December 19, 2018


CFIC Meeting