Capacity Auction Rules Library

Market Rules and Manuals Applicable to Capacity Auctions by Date

This page is a library that includes the Market Rules and Market Manuals that were operative on the first day of the commitment period following the 2019 Demand Response Auction. The library also includes Market Rules and Market Manuals that were operative on the first day of the auction period for each Capacity Auction that is not a Demand Response Auction. Together these rules and manuals encompass Capacity Auction “Point-in-time Rules”.

The Point-in-time Rules contain Market Rule and Manual provisions that apply to Capacity Auction Participants for purposes specifically related to their participation in Capacity Auctions, including the satisfaction of capacity obligations and related program requirements. These rules remain in effect, for Capacity Auction Participants, for the purposes of their participation in a Capacity Auction, until the end of the associated commitment period.  Participants must therefore consult the appropriate Point-in-time rules corresponding to the Capacity Auction in which they participated for purposes related to their participation. 

For rules and requirements of more general application, and that do not specifically relate to participation in Capacity Auctions, Capacity Auction Participants continue to be subject to those rules and requirements set out in the current version of the Market Rules and Manuals. To view the current version of market rules and market manuals, please refer to the Market Rules and Manuals Library page.

The information above is provided to assist Capacity Auction Participants in using this library, but is not intended to vary or amend any requirement or provision in the Market Rules or Market Manuals governing the application of Point-in-time Rules. Capacity Auction Participants should consult Market Rules – Chapter 7 section 18.1A if they require additional information.