Distribution-Connected Generation

Distribution-connected generation, also known as embedded generation, is small-scale generation located within local distribution companies territories. The increasing amount of embedded generators helps to offset demand on the transmission grid by supporting some of the needs of local communities.

Contracted Electricity Supply on the Distribution Grid

The Quarterly Progress Report on Contracted Electricity Supply provides a status of the IESO’s contracted generation capacity in both the Ontario transmission and distribution grids.

This data differs from the current supply mix, which describes all grid-connected generation that has completed the market registration process and a small amount of embedded generation that participates in the IESO-administered market.


Updated quarterly information on electricity supply can be found in the most recent report: A Progress Report on Contracted Electricity Supply, Second Quarter 2020.

See the latest Active Generation Contract List (as of June, 2020).

The graph below displays facilities that are in commercial operation and under development, reported through the Contracted Electricity Supply report, for distribution-connected generation only.

Distribution-connected Contracted Electricity Supply

Contracted Supply at Distribution Level

Source data: A Progress Report on Contracted Electricity Supply, Second Quarter 2020.


IESO Active Generation Contract List

The IESO Active Generation Contract List provides the status of individual contracted electricity supply projects within different IESO procurement programs. The list is limited to generation facilities under contract to the IESO. Aggregated microFIT data is available in the Quarterly Progress Report on Contracted Electricity Supply.

Historical Contracted Electricity Supply Reports
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