Annual Report on Energy-Efficiency Activities

Ontario achieved 1.8 terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy savings in 2017, the highest annual savings achieved to date. At just under two cents per kilowatt-hour, energy efficiency continues to be the most cost-effective resource for Ontario’s power system.

2017 Highlights

The IESO and LDCs achieved a record 1.8 TWh of energy savings in 2017, representing more than a 55 per cent increase over 2016 savings.

Energy efficiency remains Ontario’s most cost-effective resource at 1.69 cents per kWh.

The IESO’s transmission-connected customers achieved 101 GWh of energy savings through the Industrial Accelerator Program.

The commercial and institutional sector Retrofit Program achieved a total of 663 GWh energy savings predominantly through lighting projects.

The residential sector Coupon and Instant Discount Programs achieved a total of 1,387 GWh energy savings primarily as a result of ENERGY STAR® rated LED lighting.

The Business Refrigeration Incentive Program contributed to over 1,000 projects through energy efficient upgrades to existing equipment.

The IESO publishes yearly energy-efficiency program results in its annual report.

For more information, visit the 2017 Report on Energy-Efficiency Activities.

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Quarterly Progress Reports

The Quarterly Progress Report highlights the energy and peak demand savings of energy-efficiency programs by quarter.

The Q4 report details savings results and program participation totals for the entire year.

Quarterly Progress Report

Second and Third Quarters, 2019

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