Market Renewal Program Update Meetings

The IESO is introducing Market Renewal Program (MRP) Update Meetings as a way to keep stakeholders informed and involved in the program throughout the detailed design phase.

The MRP Update Meetings aim to inform a broad range of stakeholders of the activities and decisions being made in the technical engagement streams (i.e. capacity, energy, transitional capacity auction), engage on MRP-wide items such as the business case, discuss the stakeholder review of draft market rule language required for implementation and communicate all relevant training and market trial opportunities that will take place before the program's implementation.

To register for MRP Update Meetings, or for more information on the specific MRP stream engagement sessions, please contact IESO Engagement at

Schedule of Activities


Supporting Material

July 17, 2019

MRP Business Case Presentation

July 2, 2019

 Stakeholder feedback due on materials and issued discussed at the June 18 meeting

June 18, 2019


MRP Business Case Presentation

May 31, 2019

Stakeholder feedback due on materials and issued discussed at the May 16 meeting

 May 16, 2019