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Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Investments in conservation and energy efficiency help meet Ontario’s energy needs today and for the future at a lower cost than building new infrastructure.

Home Energy Survey

In the summer of 2018, the IESO conducted its first ever comprehensive Residential End Use Survey (REUS). The REUS provides valuable information about the building characteristics, equipment, appliances and behaviours that drive residential energy use in Ontario. The REUS  provides important information to the IESO, local distribution companies (LDCs), gas utilities and other stakeholders to support three primary objectives:

  1. Develop end-use saturations & fuel shares to support the 2019 achievable potential study;
  2. Provide data on residential building characteristics, equipment penetration and demographics to support program design, evaluation and marketing; and
  3. Provide relevant household equipment data to support electricity load forecasting.

More information about the REUS methodology and study findings can be found in the report and in the final project webinar.

Detailed REUS results can be found in the Dynamic Reporting Tool. Please review the “Read Me” tab for instructions on how to use this tool.

For more information about the REUS please contact