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Northwest Ontario

The single regional planning area for Northwest Ontario has been divided into four planning sub-regions.  Information on the remote community connection plan can also be found in this section.

North of Dryden - Regional and Community Engagement

An Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) has been developed for this region. Municipal engagement and Aboriginal consultation were conducted in the development of the plan, which proposes two initiatives to meet the near-term electricity needs north of Dryden:

  • building a new 230 kV transmission line from the Dryden / Ignace area to Pickle Lake
  • upgrading the existing transmission lines from Dryden to Ear Falls and from Ear Falls to Red Lake.

Proponents of the two initiatives are responsible for further engagement on these projects.

The estimated cost of these projects during the planning period is about $124 million. Together these projects increase the Pickle Lake subsystem's ability to meet demand from 24 MW to up to 160 MW, and more than double the Red Lake subsystem's ability to meet demand, taking it from 61 MW to 130 MW.



Expected Actions

June 18-26, 2014

North of Dryden Consultation Presentation

November 21, 2013


Webinar to discuss the Draft North of Dryden IRRP.
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Aboriginal Consultation & Municipal Engagement