Program Documents and Resources

An Application to the Community Energy Champion (CEC) Program 2.0 must be completed with all mandatory requirements and submitted to Please read the Program Guidelines carefully before applying.


Amendments to Community Energy Champion (CEC) Program Guidelines

Below is a summary of the key changes between the Community Energy Champion (CEC) Program Guidelines Versions 2.0 and 1.0.

Summary of the amendments (sections noted refer to the CEC Program Guidelines, Version 2.0):

Section 3 c

Eligible Expenses will include:

  • Salary, wages and benefits, contributions, assessments and taxes associated with employing a CEC
  • Relevant training costs for the CEC

Ineligible Expenses will include:

  • Costs that in the IESO’s view, in its sole and absolute discretion, materially deviate from the approved application with respect to the activities, work plan, budget, or timelines

Section 5

  • Applications that meet the completeness and eligibility requirements of the CEC Program are assessed by a review committee comprised of IESO staff that are not responsible for the delivery and oversight of the ESPs, including the CEC Program


Please be sure to open all PDFs in Adobe. If using a Mac, avoid opening PDFs in Preview, as it can corrupt the files and result in information being lost.

Please check back in the days ahead for a complete list of available program documents.

Contact CEC Staff

The CEC team is here to help you at any point along the way. Indigenous communities and organizations needing more information or interested in making a submission should email or call 416-969-6317.