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Building on the success of the 2017 Indigenous Community Energy Symposium, the IESO is once again planning to bring together First Nation community members, energy champions, industry experts and youth delegates for a robust discussion of Indigenous energy matters, including the transition from developing to implementing a community energy plan.

This year’s Symposium will focus on transformation through knowledge that stays within First Nation communities. This important event will enable attendees to share learnings and experiences in the areas of community energy planning, renewable generation, capacity building, project development and management, and energy conservation.

Guest speakers will cover a broad range of topics including financing and funding, preparing your community for partnerships, building community energy resilience and revenue, employment opportunities in energy, regional/bulk planning, and the IESO’s planned Indigenous conservation programs. On the final day of the Symposium, attendees can meet with representatives of the IESO’s Indigenous Energy Support Programs to start or modify an application for funding.


Event Details

Supporting Community Transformation Through Energy

October 22-24, 2018

Chelsea Hotel, 33 Gerrard Street West, Toronto, ON

There is no charge for First Nation community members or eligible First Nation organizations to attend the Symposium. Please visit here to register for this year’s Symposium by 11:59 pm EST on Monday, October 1.

See Agenda.

Please check back regularly as speakers and topics are confirmed.

Travel and Accommodation:
Travel, meal and accommodation costs for up to three members (two adults and one youth aged 17-25) from each First Nation community/organization are eligible for reimbursement. See Travel and Accommodation.


Given the unique energy-related issues facing Métis communities, a separate Métis Symposium is being planned. Details will follow.

What to Expect from the Symposium

The First Nations Energy Symposium will bring together representatives from First Nations communities and organizations across Ontario. Attendees will be encouraged to share experiences and celebrate successes in energy-related matters, including the transition from developing a community energy plan to implementing a plan.

The Symposium will include keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, panel discussions and lots of informal time for participants to share stories, guidance and learnings with respect to energy projects. Among others, topics include:

  • Building Indigenous clean energy capacity
  • Moving from a plan to implementation
  • Indigenous innovation across Canada
  • Employment opportunities in energy
  • Building community energy resilience and revenue. 

Attendees will also get a sneak peek at the IESO’s planned Indigenous conservation programs.


Continuing the Discussion

The IESO will be hosting a series of Regional Electricity Forums in the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019. These forums will focus on the broader role of regional and community involvement in energy planning. Learn more about the Regional Electricity Forums.