IESO Request for Supplier Qualification

The Independent Electrical System Operator (IESO) is issuing this RFSQ to establish pools of prequalified resources on a resource category basis, and to subsequently match those resources to specific requirements as they are identified by the IESO. The established pools will be refreshed on an ongoing basis throughout the term specified in this RFSQ.

Subject to the availability of sufficient internal (IESO) resources to undertake projects or initiative-specific tasks and assignments, the IESO may from time to time require contracted resources to provide Professional Services for project or initiative-specific tasks and assignments. The Services will be primarily engaged to assist the Market Assessment and Compliance Division (MACD) of the IESO.

IESO is requesting submissions from Respondents to prequalify resources capable of providing services in the following categories:

Service Category 1: Cyber Security Infrastructure Protection
Service Category 2: Physical Security Specialist
Service Category 3: Monitoring, investigative techniques and Enforcement Specialist
Service Category 4: Ontario Electricity Industry Regulatory Affairs Representative
Service Category 5: Ontario Market Expert
Service Category 6: Pulp and Paper Specialist
Service Category 7: Revenue and Operational Metering Specialist
Service Category 8: TR Market Specialist
Service Category 9: Turbine and Generator Expert
Service Category 10: Electricity Traders and Analysts
Service Category 11: Power Systems Analyst
Service Category 12: Real-Time Control Room Operations Specialist and Short Term Operations Planner
Service Category 13: Physical Natural Gas Trader/Scheduler
Service Category 14: Economist - a) Service Sub-Category: Junior Economist ** NEW
Service Category 15:
Advanced Electricity Market Trading Conduct Expert
Service Category 16:  Project Manager  ** NEW
Service Category 17:  Technical Writer ** NEW

The Resources may be utilized in the following Area's or Work but not limited to as required.

  • Market Assessment Unit ("MAU")
  • Compliance and Enforcement Unit
  • Framework Development
  • TFE Assessor and Maintenance

IESO does not represent that any Contract will be issued pursuant to this Request, nor does this Request obligate IESO in any way to award a Contract to any Vendor that provides a response submission. Contract awards, if any, shall only be determined after evaluation of available Vendor resources on a project by project basis as needs are identified by the IESO.

Timetable for RFSQ

RFSQ release date

July 7, 2016

Respondent’s deadline for submitting a non-disclosure agreement

1 week prior to submission

Respondent’s deadline for submitting questions

2 weeks prior to submission

RFSQ closing date and time

June 25, 2021 at 3:00:00 p.m.

Contact Name: Kathie Callan
Contact Email: