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Data Directory

Here is a collection of all reports provided on the IESO Public Reports Site as well as historical data since market opening. 


Visit the new provincial Energy Reporting Webpage for additional data from across the electricity sector.

IESO Public Reports Site

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Notes: Some of the reports above are available in both .xml and .csv files. For information on downloading these reports please read: Public Report Retrieval document, Quick Take 12: Accessing IESO Reports Formatted in XML.

Click on the "+" to expand the list below to view historical files (.csv, .pdf, .xls) containing data from 2002 to the present.

IESO Historical Reports (2002-present) +


Notes: All price data is quoted in Canadian dollars and uses Eastern Standard Time. For the purposes of data reporting, the IESO does not adopt daylight saving time.

The IESO makes every reasonable effort to keep the prices appearing on this web page consistent and up to date with those prices used for settlement purposes. Should a discrepancy arise, the IESO will determine the appropriate price as quickly as possible and notify market participants of the change.