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Forecasts & 18-Month Outlooks

​The IESO regularly publishes an 18-Month Outlook, which presents the IESO's assessment of the reliability of the Ontario electricity system over the short term. This quarterly publication assesses whether the existing and proposed generation and transmission facilities are adequate to meet Ontario's needs.

18-Month Outlook: Winter 2017

The IESO issues its 18-Month Outlook each quarter. Here is the most recent issue and related documents.

Submitting of Reliability Assessment Information

Market participants are required to provide information to the IESO to enable it to conduct reliability assessments.  These submissions are required each calendar year.

For submission deadlines for input information for the 18-Month Outlook and other reliability assessments, see the Calendar for Submission of Reliability Assessments Information.

Previous 18-Month Outlooks and Reliability Reports

Ontario Reserve Margin Requirements

The Ontario Reserve Margin Requirements reports on the operational planning reserve requirements to meet the NPCC resource adequacy design criterion over a five-year window.