​Organizations must register with the IESO if participating in the IESO-administered markets or programs, if connecting a physical facility to the IESO-controlled grid, if required by a completed Connection Assessment, or to become a service provider. Embedded variable generators with output equal to or greater than 5 MW must register for the centralized forecasting program.

Registration includes verifying the legal, financial, technical and operational requirements of the organization.

If applicable, the organization must provide equipment details, expected and tested performance details, and
provide real-time operating parameters of their physical facility.

As a market participant, some organizations may have Reliability Standards Compliance obligations. Please
visit Reliability Standards Compliance for more information.  

What Is Involved?

Any organization planning a new or modified connection to the IESO-controlled grid, must first complete a connection assessment before registering with the IESO. Please visit Connection Assessments.

Registration involves completing various tasks determined by:

  • the intended participation role(s) (market participant, program participant, meter service provider);
  • whether the organization owns a physical facility connecting to the IESO-controlled grid;
  • whether the organization owns an embedded variable generation facility (5 MW or greater); or 
  • whether the organization is required to register with the IESO as indicated on the completed Connection Assessment.

The main tasks include Register Organization, Authorize Market Participant, Manage Facilities and Equipment and Register Meter.

​Registration tasks are completed using Online IESO. Read more about Online IESO and how it works.

Please contact the IESO at market.registration@ieso.ca for information on which tasks need to be completed.

Organization & Participant Registration

Organizations must register if they intend to participate in the IESO-administered markets or programs, have a physical facility connecting to the IESO-controlled grid, or plan to have a physical facility that is a variable generator 5 MW or greater.

Organizations must also register if they intend to become a service provider such as a metering service provider.

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Facility Registration

Organizations must register any physical facility (generation, load, transmission and distribution) that is connecting to the IESO-controlled grid, will participate in the IESO-administered markets or programs, or is required by a Connection Assessment.

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Meter Registration 

All metering installations providing metering data used in the settlement of IESO-administered markets or programs must be registered. 

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