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Local Advisory Committees

Community engagement is an important aspect of the regional planning process. Providing opportunities for input in the regional planning process enables the views and preferences of the community to be considered in the development of the plan, and helps lay the foundation for successful implementation.

An integral part of the engagement process is the development of a Local Advisory Committee (LAC). The LAC will be informed of regional planning activities in the region and will provide input and recommendations throughout this planning process, including information on local priorities and ideas on the design of community engagement strategies. LACs can also provide an avenue to have a broader energy dialogue and act as a bridge between the five year regional planning cycles.

For IRRPs currently under development, LACs are generally established at the start of the Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) process and will remain in place throughout the 18-month planning timeframe and beyond if required. For the Integrated Regional Resource Plans (IRRP) completed to date, LACs will be established in regions where there are longer-term needs and options to be discussed with the communities.

Active Local Advisory Committees

For a list of upcoming Local Advisory Committee Meetings, please see the Calendar of Events.

Greenstone-Marathon (sub-region of Northwest Ontario)

GTA East


Parry Sound/Muskoka (sub-region of South Georgian Bay/Muskoka)

Barrie/Innisfil NEW (sub-region of South Georgian Bay/Muskoka) Nominations for committee membership now open; closes March 10, 2017

Thunder Bay (sub-region of Northwest Ontario)


West of Thunder Bay (sub-region of Northwest Ontario)

York Region (sub-region of GTA North)


A Local Advisory Committee comprises up to 18 members, representing municipalities, First Nation and Métis communities, consumers and citizens, the business community, and environmental and conservation groups.

In areas where there are a large number of First Nations communities, a First Nations Local Advisory Committee will be established in that planning region. Once this committee is established, they will appoint two representatives to be members of the Local Advisory Committee.

Members can be appointed for up to three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. It is expected that members of the Committee would have a current and direct connection to the constituency they wish to represent. They meet approximately two times per year.

The LAC terms of reference provide a comprehensive overview of the Committee, including further information about the roles and responsibilities of the LAC members, and the nomination and member selection process. The terms of reference are based on feedback from stakeholders and communities and are provided as a guideline that can be customized to suit the needs of individual regions.

If you have any questions regarding Local Advisory Committees, please email ontarioregionalplanning@ieso.ca.

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