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About Online IESO

Online IESO is place where participants can post information to the IESO in a safe, secure and efficient way. Online IESO offers a modern and consistent customer experience allowing participants to post messages, questions and comments in a social manner while completing a variety of interactive business tasks.

Only registered organizations have access to Online IESO. If you are a registered organization but are uncertain about your access, please contact the IESO at customer.relations@ieso.ca

Initial access to Online IESO is given to an Authorized Representative of a registered organization. Further roles and access is then self- administered by that Authorized Representative within your organization.

The following documents provide information on self-administered roles, access and user guidelines.

Using Online IESO

Logging in

  • Initial Login -  If you have never logged into the portal this guide will lead you through the necessary first steps. 

Organization Registration Online

  • Authorized Representatives  - Each participant organization needs at least one Authorized Representative – and preferably more – registered with the IESO. Within Online IESO, the Authorized Representative has responsibility for assigning other Authorized Representatives and Primary Contacts.

  • Primary Contact - ​Each participant organization needs at least one Primary Contact – and preferably more – registered with the IESO. In the Registration system, the Primary Contact has responsibility to serve as the IESO’s day-to-day contact and for assigning Rights Administrators and other Primary Contacts.

  • Rights Administrator - Each participant organization needs at least one Rights Administrator – and preferably more – registered with the IESO. The Rights Administrator has responsibility for requesting access to IESO information systems and designating Applicant Representatives.

  • Applicant Representative - ​Each participant needs at least one Applicant Representative – and preferably more – registered with the IESO. The Applicant Representative is responsible for tasks related to participation in a market or program, including keeping registered contacts up to date.

  • Joining a Market or Program - The IESO administers a physical market, with various participation types, a financial market (transmission rights) and a number of special-purpose programs. You must register in a market or program through Online IESO.

  • Invoice and Banking Contact - Each participant organization needs at least one Invoicing and Banking Contact registered with the IESO.

Facility Registration Online

  • Equipment Registration Specialist - Each participant organization owning facilites needs at least one Equipment Registration Specialist - and preferably more - registered with the IESO. Within Online IESO, the Equipment Registration Specialist has responsibility for submitting registration requests and the related facility, resource and equipment information.
  • Revenue Metering Contact (Transmitter) - Each Organization that is authorized as a Transmitter Owner must have at least one Revenue Metering Contact registered with the IESO. The Revenue Metering Contact (Transmitter) has the responsibility for registering transmission resources.

Prudentials Online

  • Submitting Prudential Support - If you participate in the IESO physical markets, you must provide collateral (called ‘prudential support’) to cover funds that might be owed to the market if your company were unable to make a payment. IESO Online allows you to calculate and submit your prudential support obligation as well as test prudential support scenarios.

Meter Installation Registration Online

Notice of Disagreement Online

  • Managing a Notice of Disagreement - ​The Notice of Disagreement (NOD) process is managed by a NOD Contact. Only a NOD Contact may submit, view, respond to information requests and withdraw NODs. The Applicant Representative creates a NOD contact role.

Meter Trouble Reports Online

  • MMP-Meter Trouble Report Contact - An MMP is responsible for their meter  installations which provide metering data to the IESO.  This contact will receive email notifications when Meter Trouble Reports are issued for their organization and can view and comment on issued reports. Every MMP should create at least on MMP-Meter Trouble Report Contact.
  • MSP-Meter Trouble Report Contact -  This contact can access, respond, create and update Meter Trouble Reports.  A Meter Service Provider (MSP) must have at least one contact registered in Online IESO.

Revenue Metering Data Online

  • Revenue Metering Data Contact - This contact is responsible for managing meter data report profiles as well as requesting and retrieving revenue meter reports for your organization. Organizations can also set up a Meter Data Associate (MDA) to assign access to delivery point data to another participant. The steps to set up an MDA are found within this document.