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Dispute Resolution

​Dispute Resolution is a process mandated by Chapter 3, Section 2 of the Market Rules to resolve disputes between parties in the Ontario electricity marketplace, in the most expeditious and least expensive way.

The IESO's Dispute Resolution mechanism is designed to provide for the resolution of a variety of potential disputes, including:

  • Disputes that arise under the Market Rules or certain agreements to which the IESO is a party
  • Disputes relating to orders by the IESO denying authorization to a prospective market participant or denying registration to a prospective metering service provider
  • Disputes between market participants, which do not necessarily involve the IESO

There are potentially three steps in the dispute resolution process following the service of a Notice of Dispute.

​​Good Faith Negotiations

The process begins with good faith negotiations between the disputing parties. The parties will assign a representative to the negotiations who has authority to negotiate the matter in dispute.


If a negotiated agreement is not possible, one of the parties files a Notice of Dispute Form with the Secretary of the Dispute Resolution Panel and then serves it to the other disputants. Parties receiving such a notice must serve and file a Response within 10 days.

At this point, the Secretary appoints a mediator and parties sign a confidentiality agreement. Each party bears its own costs at mediation and shares equally in the cost of the mediation process. If the parties agree to dispense with mediation, the mediation is not successful, or the allotted time runs out, the process then proceeds to arbitration.


The parties select from a list of five arbitrators, or the Secretary appoints an arbitrator who schedules a hearing. Summaries of the Dispute are made public at this time by publication on the IESO Web site. Directly affected parties may, no less than five days before the hearing, seek to intervene.

The arbitrator will, within 30 days of the end of the hearing, deliver any award that is just and reasonable, and may include, but is not limited to, penalties, damages, and costs. The arbitrator's award is fully enforceable under the law and is subject to the appeal provisions of the Electricity Act, 1998.

See Arbitration flow chart.

Dispute Resolution Forms 

All dispute resolution documents must be filed with the Secretary at the following address:

Secretary, Dispute Resolution Panel
1600-120 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 1T1

Fax: 416.506.2843
Email: IESO-LegalServices@ieso.ca