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​​​Energy-from-Waste Procurement

Energy-from-Waste (EFW) facilities use thermal treatment processes to dispose of waste and recover heat energy, which can be used to generate electricity.

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is developing a procurement initiative in support of new-build, municipal EFW projects.

This new procurement initiative will provide price certainty to those interested in developing municipal EFW projects in Ontario with 75 MW of contracting capacity being made available for eligible projects.  The standard nominal contract price for EFW projects will be 8 cents per kilowatt-hour. See the directive to the IESO from the Minister of Energy on this program.

EFWSOP Cancellation– September 27, 2016

In accordance with the Minister of Energy’s September 27, 2016, direction, the Energy from Waste (EFW) procurement is cancelled. Applications will no longer be accepted.

Program Update – May 13, 2016

As of May 13, 2016 the IESO has not received any Applications in relation to the EFWSOP and the 75 MW Procurement Target remains available.

Release of Final Program Documents – December 11, 2015

Final versions of the EFWSOP program documents, as well as the related Prescribed Forms/Templates, are now available:

Prescribed Forms/Templates:

Please be reminded that the Application Start Date is December 14, 2015. The IESO advises potential Applicants to carefully review the program documents and consult legal and technical consultants as required, prior to submitting an Application. Eligibility Requirements to the EFWSOP are set out in Section 2 of the Program Rules and instructions for applying are outlined in Section 3 of the Program Rules and in the Application Form. Questions can be submitted to efw@ieso.ca.

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