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Education and Capacity Building Program

The Education and Capacity Building (ECB) Program creates opportunities for communities and organizations to participate in the energy sector by equipping them with knowledge and training. In addition to tools and technology, investing in human potential is an essential part of building a modern, flexible and dependable power system. 

The ECB program funds initiatives proposed by First Nation and Métis communities and organizations, co-ops, municipalities, public sector entities, registered charities and not-for-profit organizations. Projects such as awareness campaigns, material and course development, workshops and education programs are helping to meet needs of communities and organizations while contributing to the ongoing development of Ontario's diverse resource capabilities.

Launch of ECB 4.0 Call for Proposals

The Education and Capacity Building (ECB) Program, which has helped support a variety of energy-awareness initiatives across Ontario, has been updated with new rules and a revised program offering.

The updated ECB Program provides clearer language, more accessible proposal requirements and longer proposal submission timelines -- all of which are aimed to achieve the highest possible level of uptake in the program. The revised program also includes a funding allocation of $100,000 per initiative, across three categories:

  1. Implementation of a Community Energy Plan
  2. Skills and capacity development
  3. Open Category (to support initiatives involving a unique or innovative idea, approach or delivery method that provide education, build capacity and develop the skills around energy projects)

ECB 4.0 Timelines:

  • ​October 24, 2016: the final ECB rules are posted to IESO website, commencing the Call for Proposals
  • December 21, 2016, at 12:00 PM EST: the Call for Proposals closes and IESO begins evaluation period
  • Q1 2017: IESO to start offering contracts (*timing subject to change)

Did you know? To date, the ECB has helped more than 30 communities and organizations develop a wide range of initiatives from solar electricity safety training for firefighters to workforce education programs to ensure First Nation community members have the necessary skills to develop, operate and maintain renewable energy projects for the long term. Read about these and many more on the ECB Current Initiatives page.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Proposal Submission and Approval Process

  • All proponents are asked to read the ECB Program Rules, FAQ and Proposal Form before submitting a Proposal.
  • Proponents who wish to submit a proposal for funding must complete the Proposal Form​, attach all required supporting documentation and submit the Proposal to the IESO on or before December 21, 2016, at 12:00 PM EST.
  • Once the Call for Proposals has been completed, all proposals will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility requirements. Proposals that are complete and eligible will be assessed by an independent review committee and scored based on a points system. The IESO will then conduct a three-step selection process:
    • Step 1: Proposals will be categorized based on the Category Type of the Initiative proposed.
    • Step 2: Under each Category Type, the single Proposal with the highest score from each Category Type will be recommended for funding.
    • Step 3: If there are any remaining funds available under the target funding allocation for the Call for Proposals or for any other reason, the remaining Proposals not selected under Step 2 will be ranked in order of point score, regardless of category and may be selected for funding
  • Successful Proponents will be notified and offered a Funding Agreement with the IESO. They will have 18 months to complete their initiative.

Please see the ECB Program Rules for full requirements for submitting a Proposal and the evaluation process.

Contact Us

For ECB Program questions, call us 416-969-6317 or email ECB@ieso.ca.