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More detailed information on each step of the feasibility study process is available in Market Manual 2.10

Feasibility Study (Optional)

​Connection applicants may request a Feasibility Study for their projects in order to determine the technical acceptability of a potential new or modified connection to the IESO-controlled grid and to identify alternate connection options.

The steps required in completing the feasibility study process are outlined below.

Step 1 - Submit Feasibility Study Application

To begin the process, the applicant will need to submit a feasibility study application package to the IESO which includes the completed feasibility study application form, supporting documentation, as described in Market Manual 2.10, section 7.3, for either:

Step 2 -  Execute Feasibility Study Agreement

Following the receipt of the feasibility study application, the IESO and the connection applicant will negotiate a Scope of Work and execute a Feasibility Study Agreement. The IESO will then evaluate the feasibility of the connection proposal. The completion date for a Feasibility Study is negotiated between the IESO and the connection applicant as part of the Scope of Work.

Step 3 - Confidential Feasibility Study Report Issued

The IESO will perform the required assessment per the agreed upon Scope of Work and produce a feasibility study report. The final Feasibility Study report is confidential, will be issued only to the connection applicant and will not be posted on the IESO web site.