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Expedited System Impact Assessment

​A full System Impact Assessment (SIA) may not be necessary for connection proposals that do not represent major system changes or for connection proposals that would not have a major impact on the reliability of the integrated power system. In these cases an expedited SIA, which only requires a simple study, is conducted. The IESO will determine if an expedited SIA is appropriate within five business days following receipt of the application and supporting documentation.

The steps involved in the expedited SIA process are outlined below.

Step 1 - Submit SIA Application

The application forms and submission guidelines for an expedited SIA are the same as a SIA. An expedited SIA can be performed for the following types of projects:

The IESO also notifies the applicable transmitter(s) of the SIA application.

Step 2 - Execute Cost Recovery Agreement

The applicant is not required to submit a deposit but must agree to pay for the total costs and expenses associated with the expedited SIA by signing a Cost Recovery Agreement. The IESO executes this agreement with each connection applicant before commencing the first expedited SIA. This agreement also covers all subsequent expedited SIAs initiated by the connection applicant.

Step 3 - Notification of Conditional Approval/Disapproval and Publication of Expedited SIA Report

An expedited SIA report is issued by the IESO summarizing the project details, applicable criteria, study results, as well as listing some of the applicable requirements. The report is published on the Application Status page.

Further information, including the guidelines for determining if a connection proposal qualifies for an expedited SIA is available in Market Manual 2.10, Chapter 9.