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Grid-LDC Coordination Initiative

As the system operator, the IESO is looking into ways to enhance reliability and efficiency through the coordination of IESO and local distribution company (LDC) controlled resources.

The IESO is also interested in learning more about the impact of new technologies and integrated systems on the operation on the bulk power system, the information that needs to be shared between the LDC and the IESO, and the reliability services that could be provided by these types of solutions in the future. PowerStream’s POWER.HOUSE project was initiated to study the feasibility of distributed energy resources as an alternative to the traditional “wires” solution for delivering electricity to customers. Due to the complementary nature of these two initiatives, the IESO and PowerStream are working together on a grid/LDC coordination project in order to explore their potential.

Key objectives of the grid/LDC coordination initiative

  • Increase understanding of how to enhance reliability and efficiency through coordination of IESO- and LDC-controlled resources.
  • Establish a framework for data sharing between the IESO and all LDCs.
  • Explore the feasibility for increased adoption of residential solar storage-type technologies within the LDC sector by using PowerStream’s POWER.HOUSE initiative, as a test case.[1]
  • Examine the barriers to increased adoption of this type of technology.
  • Examine the practical value streams for POWER.HOUSE type solutions.
  • Understand the grid integration and operability impacts of increased adoption of POWER.HOUSE, and similar solutions, deployed within the distribution sector at large.
  • Inform the discussion and development of community-based energy options for the York Region Integrated Regional Resource Plan.
A feasibility study is expected to be published in December 2016.

[1] The test case will examine the adoption of POWER.HOUSE in the York Region , specifically in Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan, over the next 15 years.