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St. Lawrence Regional Planning

​The St. Lawrence region covers the southeastern part of Ontario bordering the St. Lawrence River.  The region starts at the Gananoque on the eastern end of Lake Ontario and extends to the inter-provincial boundary with Quebec.

The local distribution companies providing service to customers in the St. Lawrence region include Cooperative Hydro Embrun Inc., Hydro One Networks Inc., and Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution Inc.

For regional planning purposes, the City of Cornwall is not included as it is supplied by Fortis Ontario with transmission lines from Quebec.

Current status: The local transmitter has completed the Needs Assessment for this planning region and found that there were no needs that required regional coordination. With the findings of the Needs Assessment, this completes the regional planning process for this planning cycle. The process will begin again within the five-year regional planning time frame, or earlier if there is sufficient load growth or a trigger event that requires initiating the process before that time.

A copy of the transmitter’s Needs Assessment report can be viewed on the transmitter’s website linked in the “See Also” section of this page.

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St. Lawrence region

Map of St. Lawrence Region