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Peterborough to Kingston Regional Planning

A Needs Assessment was conducted for the Peterborough to Kingston region in February 2015 by Regional Participants led by Hydro One Networks Inc., and including representatives from the IESO, Veridian Connections Inc., Kingston Hydro, Peterborough Distribution Inc. and Hydro One Networks Inc. Distribution.

The Regional Participants recommended that the needs identified as part of the Needs Assessment do not require further coordinated regional planning. The needs identified will be addressed as follows:

  • Hydro One Transmission will lead the assessment and develop a "localized" wires plan to balance load within Gardiner TS with the relevant LDC(s).

  • IESO will assess and develop a plan for the contingencies associated with the 115 kV circuit Q6S and 230 kV circuit P15C by way of a bulk planning study for the area.

Current status: The Regional Planning process for this region is complete and will be undertaken again in 2020, unless there is sufficient load growth or a trigger event that requires the initiating of the regional planning process before that time.

Area overview

For regional planning purposes, the Peterborough to Kingston region includes Frontenac County, Hasting County, Northumberland County, Peterborough County, and Prince Edward County and related municipalities. The boundaries of the Peterborough to Kingston Region are shown on the map.

Peterborough to Kingston

Map of Peterborough to Kingston