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​In Ontario, if you are a business that pays more than $2,000 a month for electricity, you pay the wholesale market price rather than time-of-use prices.  Knowing which rate you pay, however, is just the first step towards becoming an effective energy manager.

It is equally important to consider factors such as how the wholesale market price changes throughout the day. Or what d​​​emand charge means on your electricity bill. Discover which energy-saving initiatives are available — and how new technologies and best practices can help keep energy costs in check.

Clearly, the more knowledge you have, the more effectively electricity costs can be managed. This section offers an introduction on how to build an energy management knowledge base for your business.

Understanding the Wholesale Electricity Price

The wholesale price is the hourly price for electricity, which is combined with the Global Adjustment to form the total commodity price. It's important to understand how the shift in the commodity price from hour to hour can affect the implementation of an energy management strategy.

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Learn more about the Global Adjustment.

Managing Electricity CostsImage of a person reading an electricity bill

The more you know about how and when you use electricity — the more opportunities there are to cut costs and improve your bottom line. You will also be able to tell your customers and community that your company is using energy wisely.

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The Bottom Line on Energy Management: Making Ontario’s Electricity Market Work for Your BusinessA Guide for Business 

Understanding how and when your facility uses electricity will help your business manage its energy needs and meets its energy targets. The IESO brochure, The Bottom Line on Energy Management: Making Ontario’s Electricity Market Work for Your Business explains how your company can reduce electricity costs with more efficient energy use. Featured in the brochure are case studies of energy managers who are taking control of their organization’s energy use; an explanation of your electricity bill; how you can generate new revenue through demand response, and more. Download a copy of the report or request a free printed copy from marketing@ieso.ca.


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