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Briefing Room

Here is a series of backgrounders on various aspects of Ontario's electricity system. For more information about these and other story ideas, please contact IESO Communications at 416.506.2823.

Image of Ontario's electricity sector at work 

Smart Grid

The smart grid uses digital technologies to empower consumers to better manage their energy use and for the sector to manage the system more efficiently. »

Demand Response

Consumers adjusting their energy use to meet system needs are having an increasing impact on Ontario's power system. »

Energy Storage

From flywheels and batteries to pumped storage to electric vehicles, the ability to store electricity in large amounts opens the door to  more options in the production and consumption of electricity. »

Electricity Pricing

The rate consumers pay depends on how much they use. Here's an overview of pricing structures in Ontario. »

How the Wholesale Price is Determined

In Ontario's wholesale electricity market, the price of electricity is set every five minutes and reflects the availability of supply to meet demand. »

Global Adjustment

The wholesale price of electricity is just one component of the commodity cost. The Global Adjustment covers the cost of investment in new infrastructure and conservation programs. »

Imports and Exports

Ontario's interconnections with neighbouring jurisdictions play a critical role in ensuring reliability. »

Cyber Security

As Reliability Co-ordinator for Ontario, the IESO is responsible for enforcing cyber security standards for critical infrastructure in the province's electricity system. »

Preparing for Emergencies

The IESO prepares to respond to emergency situations that could compromise the stability of the electricity grid. »

2003 Blackout

A look back at the causes of the 2003 power outage, lessons learned and the steps taken to improve reliability across North America. »