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Request for Information - Draft Regulation Services

DISCLAIMER: This draft RFP is not binding on the IESO and the IESO shall have no liability whatsoever to any Respondent or prospective Respondent for the terms of this draft RFP. The IESO is currently expected to revise, update and expand the terms and conditions of this draft RFP and publish a final RFP in 2017. The IESO reserves the right to make any changes or amendments to this draft RFP that it considers necessary in its sole and absolute discretion and reserves the right to modify the form or template of this draft RFP before posting the final RFP or to not post any RFP. Respondents must review the terms and conditions of the final RFP, to be posted on the IESO’s website, before submitting a Proposal.

This DRAFT RFP has been issued by the IESO for public comment for the purposes of developing an RFP for regulation service. Specifically, the IESO is seeking comment on the following points of design:

  1. Whether the data submission terms proposed in this draft RFP are sufficiently clear so the Respondent understands what is being asked of their organization.

  2. Whether the RFP introduces any artificial bias towards or against a specific type of registered facility providing regulation service.    

It should also be noted that this solicitation for public comment is bounded by the following:

  1. The IESO is not seeking comment on the pending procurement process terms of the DRAFT RFP at this time.

  2. The IESO is not seeking advice or comment on the amount of regulation it should be purchasing or any maximum price caps that should be applied.

  3. The IESO is not seeking advice or comment on aspects of electricity market design or alternative designs for regulation service.

Comments on this draft RFP may be submitted via e-mail to: Kathie Callan, Procurement Specialist Kathie.callan@ieso.ca and rfp.info@ieso.ca by the close of business on Friday, February 10, 2017.

Timetable for RFI

RFI Release DateDecember 15, 2016

Respondents' deadline for receipt of comments by IESO

3:00 pm on February 10, 2017

Contact Name: Kathie Callan       
Contact Email: Kathie.callan@ieso.ca
Contact Phone :  905-855-6192